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Officially, the government agencies -- and there are several of them — involved in the fiance visa process say it takes about eight months. Those who break the rules and are caught will be deported. It is not transferable, meaning one cannot arrive in the United States on a fiance visa and simply move on to a new partner. citizen in love with a foreign national, living in another country. Fingerprints and other biometric and health information are collected. And they vary a bit from case to case and country to country.

The actual count of sweethearts arriving in the United States with plans and visas that obligate them to marry or leave is not terribly large.(Click on the chart to enlarge it.) In the first nine months of this year — the most recent data available — the federal government took in 36,627 applications, approved 34,652 and rejected 3,727 requests. citizens and foreign-born beneficiaries can't simply keep traveling and trying their luck. citizens is considered evidence that if the fiance were to become or remain unemployed, he would not need to rely on any sort of public benefits.Somewhere between eight and 12 months have likely passed since the decision to marry. Tickets have to be purchased and then, with a visa in hand, Foreign-Born Person A can travel to the United States.But this isn't something that is happening in huge numbers each year.It is one of a handful of visa types that do require a series of background checks and security screenings. For people who want to enter and remain in the United States as a legal immigrant from certain countries, including Mexico, the wait for a visa can stretch more than two decades. And, while it's pretty difficult to provide proof of actual engagement, the couple does have to be able to demonstrate that a relationship exists. Those with common names and complicated histories might find this process longer and harder than others. It reviews both domestic and international criminal databases to gather information about the two individuals and relies on other federal agencies to assist in this process.

For refugees, the screening process is deeper and right now can take up to three years. Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and Ofelia Calderón, an immigration lawyer with a private practice in Fairfax, Va., where she assists clients with a range of immigration-related legal needs. The basics Getting a fiance visa requires some big commitments -- including a legal document promising to marry or leave the country within 90 days. The I-129F includes lots and lots of basic questions and some that pry into the lives of both parties. It looks for any type of contact with law enforcement authorities, including arrests that did not lead to convictions, and has to track down the outcome. Convictions for certain offenses also can disqualify a foreign fiance.In Malik's case, it did not appear, as of Friday morning, to have raised any red flags. So The Fix thought some facts here might be useful. (That's allowed but must be disclosed.) And applications are screened for signs of utter sham marriages and the like. Among other tasks, embassy staff also looks for evidence of dishonesty or conflicting information, of for-immigration- purposes-only marriages, of those who have made use of or attempted to make use of the system before, signs of trafficking and other potential abuses. This is where Uncle Sam's alarm-bell questions, inquiries about the two parties and the state of their relationship get personal. And during the interview, any arrests or convictions are shared with the other party in the form of a question. " And, "Citizen A, did you know Foreign National A, whom you plan to marry, was arrested for insurance fraud in 1994?[] Getting the government's seal of approval on your relationship — the essence of the fiance visa process — involves some rather unusual experiences. If the application clears this process (the goal time for this is five months or less), the U. The fiance is then called in for an in-person interview with U. " Now, while some information does not disqualify either party, it will be disclosed, largely for the safety and protection of both parties. The government is trying to prevent stuff potentially far more sinister than your average online dating disaster.If you plan on traveling to see your girlfriend or Fiancée, then this may be the time to do it. Airline ticket prices often vary by the day of the week and time of day.Usually the middle of the week is cheaper than say the weekend. It’s sometimes cheaper to take a domestic airline to a “hub city” like Los Angeles or New York and then switching to a foreign airline. The “sweet spot” for getting the best price while buying your airline tickets is about 6-8 weeks before you’re looking to travel. By the way, if you’re traveling to meet your Fiancée we have tips that will make getting your Fiancee Visa a much easier process. Several members of Congress and the White House want this list shortened or eliminated due to concerns that a terrorist could slip into the country on some type of short-term or visitor's visa.