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Once you get to a certain level of closeness and you start hitting the “implied date” stage, there’s an expectation of monogamy even though there’s been no verbalized commitment.

There’s a hell of a lot of things men don’t mind doing for the right woman, and that’s the reason so many men suck at dating.

Before we go on, an important delineation must be made: while men hate cultivating new relationships, that doesn’t mean that we hate entering into new relationships.

When we meet a woman we fall for who embodies everything we’ve ever desired in a significant other, you can’t stop us from committing to her.

The phrase “going down with you” throbs on the techno-pop soundtrack.

And in just 30 seconds, we get two suggestive shots of frothy champagne spurting all over the place.

Rather than focusing on cultivating a union with someone who may just look good on paper, or someone you don’t really want but are choosing to entertain to combat loneliness, look for that chemistry that satiates you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Don’t drop your standards, become more resolute about them.

Cultivating a relationship can be fun for some men, but it contains one issue that can potentially be a huge drawback for many men: quasi-monogamy.

Sometimes women ask me questions like, “How could a dude go from saying he really likes me, to just falling out of my life completely?

These are the women we love deeply, uniquely and proclaim to our boys that “she’s different.” On the other hand, there are the relationships that we must carefully cultivate with women who give us a good vibe, but don’t necessarily make us feel like we’re the luckiest dude on Earth to be with.

These are the women that we logically see the good in, but still need to vet to ensure that we aren’t making a huge mistake by committing to her.

(Ladies can sign up for free, while lads pay a month.