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Elsewhere, Jill delivers bad news to an elderly patient and the porters are forced to take industrial action in support of a colleague (subtitles) (repeat)The apparent accidental death of a drug addict takes a surprising turn when the results of the post-mortem examination are revealed, and Jack finds himself confronting his own chequered past.Ewen Bremner guest-stars, with David Jason (subtitles) (repeat)Regan is forced to impose himself on an old girlfriend whose flat is conveniently near a bank that intelligence has revealed is to be raided.They work as a team and play strategically to answer general knowledge questions against the clock and race down the game board to the exit without being caught (subtitles) Documentary series shining a spotlight on the staff at SPCA Auckland, who dedicate their days to the care and protection of the region's animals.

Other hilarious clips include parachute problems, a catastrophe on a canal, dire dancers and ghastly groovers in the Frame a Friend competition (subtitles) (repeat)The crew are left to their own devices following a last-minute cancellation, so the Captain sets up an unexpected fire drill, and Aleks takes the blame for the unprepared team.

Elsewhere, the group enjoy a beachside dinner off the yacht, before events turn awry (subtitles) Former Coronation Street star Sean Wilson (Martin Platt) serves up the clues, with Team Uniform aiming to dodge a dishes disaster for the final time with only one loss under their professional belts.

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They then speak to the buyers about their plans, and find out how much they paid for them at auction (subtitles) (repeat)Matt Allwright investigates fraudulent gas meter readings, and the damaging consequences this can have for members of the public.

Plus, the takeaway pizzas that have been made with fake cheese and how some dodgy dealers are making a hit with imitation film posters (subtitles) Michael Ball and Alfie Boe chat about going on tour together and Take That talk to Ross King in Los Angeles about their new album.

From an injured penguin in need of first aid, to a litter of kittens trapped inside a wall, these compassionate professionals are committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of animals in distress (subtitles) (repeat)As the Global Dynamics employees celebrate at the company's Christmas party, Dr Noah Drummer's unstable hydrogen crystal starts to grow at an alarming rate.

Carter and Henry try to deal with the potentially explosive object - only for the true scope of the problem to become apparent.

Meanwhile, Dr Claire Taylor meets Laura, a young woman suffering from shortness of breath.

The GP diagnoses a serious chest infection and advises her to stay in bed, but her patient is desperate to attend a birthday party in Birmingham the following evening (subtitles) (repeat)Harry Hill trawls through another batch of home-video howlers, including DIY disasters, bashful brides and barking-mad dogs.

Hosted by Brian Mc Fadden (subtitles) (repeat)Stylist Gok Wan helps a woman who lost six stone and is now a slimming-club instructor, but still has low self-esteem.