Dating lionel trains

Founded as an electrical novelties company, Lionel specialized in various products throughout its existence, but toy trains and model railroads were its main claim to fame.Lionel trains, produced from 1900 to 1969, drew admiration from model railroaders around the world for the solidity of their construction and the authenticity of their detail.

The blue paint was applied first, it was masked, and then the yellow paint was applied.The VIRGINIAN and BLT BY LIONEL lettering on both sides was applied in yellow with a rubber stamp.Lionel made its trains larger than its competitors', making them appear a better value.Competitors criticized the realism of Lionel's trains—Cowen had been unwilling to invest in the equipment necessary for lithography, so its early offerings were simply painted in solid colors of enamel paint with brass detail parts.Members of the public started approaching store owners about buying the trains instead, prompting Lionel to begin making toy trains for the general public.

Lionel ended up selling 12 examples of the Electric Express. competitors and adopted the smaller O gauge standard for its budget-level trains.

The two dots that are the most visible in that close-up are the edges - the flaw runs the distance between them. None of these minor findings detract from the overall quality of this boxcar. 11938EXOB: An extremely tough piece that's actually mint, but with a problem.

It has a cracked back suoerstructure railing(see arrows).

During its peak years in the 1950s, the company sold million worth of trains per year.

The company's devotees disagree over the date of incorporation, as the official paperwork gives a date of September 5, but the paperwork was not filed until September 22, more than two weeks later.

In 1925, American Flyer jumped into the Standard gauge market; and by 1926, Dorfan started making their own Standard Gauge trains as well.