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George, as most of his fans know, sponsors his own Team Roping Classic in San Antonio each year. This song, written by Jerrod Niemann (performing it in the clip above), Richie Brown, Bryan Kennedy and Bob Doyle, became Garth Brooks‘ tribute to his friend Chris Le Doux after the rodeo champ and singer passed away in 2005.It chronicles Chris’ rise to fame in the rodeo world and as a singer, as well as his down-to-earth ways as a father and husband.

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The tune has been recorded by everyone from Chris Le Doux to Garth Brooks and Nanci Griffith, but Suzy has one of the great versions of the tune. Despite the fact that he is as much at home on a horse as he is on a stage, Toby Keith laments in this song that he should have been a cowboy.

The Oklahoma native thinks he should have learned to rope and ride in a cattle drive, because he thinks as a cowboy he could have stolen the young girls’ hearts like his heroes, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.

This 2009 video features Ian singing it – and you can see Suzy’s version HERE.

This video shows Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings singing the Ed Bruce-penned song live from Farm Aid in 1986.

The band continued to play at the Warehouse weekly until the early ’80s, when their touring schedule became too busy.

See the photos of the restored van below, and learn more about Strait’s full history at the Warehouse here.

The van was recently on display at Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, Texas, where Strait played the first show with his band, now called Ace in the Hole, on October 13, 1975.

Music of New Braunfels came across the van and posted pictures to their Facebook page.

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George Strait may be one of the biggest stars in country music today, but he got his start in the 1980s touring in a simple van — which is still around today!

The American Cowboy is known all over the world as a symbol of America.