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Stay turned on: The importance of UC&C Learn what IT professionals need to do in order to keep Unified Communications and Collaboration systems always on, while making sure these systems do not negatively impact on other high priority applications residing on the same converged IP network...Download Your questions answered: How to protect your data in the cloud The number of successful cyberattacks per year per company has increased by 46% over the last four years. This is how it worked The subjects were things like: Encyclopedia Brittanica; Camembert cheese; the Internal Combustion Engine; Winter; and (of course) Toastmasters International.

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This can be done with the names of geographical features - mountains, lakes, rivers.Get really obscure ones and had people tell which they were and discuss the location. A recent Table Topic at our club was one of the best we've ever seen - our member handed out small plastic containers with cotton wool soaked in a scent - dettol, perfume, etc.For example: (Submitted by Bill Dobson - D40 Webmaster One of the newer TV shows is called Faking It. From Brian Christiansen Print out the following page: (the pictures come out about , sometimes 2, to a page) and use the pictures as the prompts for the table topics.In this show, contestants pretend they are in radically different careers for a week and try to fool a panel of judges. Bower - DTM, Club 3478, District 37) (Some of these tips originally appeared on -- , (UTC) The pre-trial hearing Enquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Mr John Darrowby, Managing Director of Darrowby, Darrowby, and Stench, Pornographic Publishers. The speaker can either tell what the particular item is or bluff about it.-Kyle Peck In one meeting, held the week when the Olympic torch was to past through our city, our table topics master created a paper/cardboard Olympic torch.

In place of the flames, paper "flames" were made containing different subjects about the Olympics.

In this round, it should be left to the guests and first timers to decide for themselves whether to be part of the Round Robin session, or just observe. One variation of this session is to have an ongoing story wherein everybody chips in a bit and takes the story forward.

With shorter time per speaker, it's possible to have 2 or more consecutive rounds.

My Speechcraft supervisor described how he went headfirst into his friends wedding cake, how embarrassing!

If you are planning to wed in the future, I hope it's romantic and memorable.

These ranged from the economic impact the Games would have on our city to why frog jumping should be an Olympic sport.