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And by all means keep your first call short and appropriate.

But don’t shy away from making that contact just because of old rules designed for a different situation or because of fear.

Change the volume and tone of your voice in order to express more! To relax more, try calling him on the walk home from work.

When you begin the conversation, adopt a cheerful tone and it will make him feel good about the idea of talking to you. Sometimes walking puts you in a more energetic mood and makes it easier.

But when it comes to calling up after a date, there’s little you can do to make it go wrong.

If you’ve just walked your date to her door and floated back home after a perfect date, there’s every chance that you may be on cloud nine.

Tell a story about something embarrassing that happened to you or if you did nothing today, tell him why you’re excited about tomorrow!

A conversation is a two-way process, so there has to be give and take on both sides.[Read: Best places to go on a first date] You may be holding your phone and wishing you could speak to her.But at the same time, you may have heard the old dating rule, wait two days before calling. Let’s begin by mentioning an e Harmony feature that can make the entire process easier and less daunting.In the real dating world this advice certainly has a few defenders, though it’s beginning to feel old-fashioned.By waiting for the man to call, a woman may be reducing the chances that a particular connection will jump to the next level. In fact, in surveys of e Harmony men, the vast majority are flattered by and receptive to a woman who takes the initiative and reaches out for contact. It also helps to remember what this first call is and what it is not. When that feeling touches you, it’s time to reach out.