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If she calls you on the phone to chat, and you tell her you can only talk for a minute because you’re heading out the door to a birthday party for your friend, she’ll know that you’ve got other options.

The “abundance attitude” guy knows there are literally an endless number of women who want to be with him!(And this is very true if he’s able to make occasional trips to Asia.) Therefore, there is no reason for him to worry about finding a girlfriend right now, or worrying about whether a particular girl will ever return his phone call.* The more “normal” you are, the easier it will be for you to get Asian nookie.Asian culture didn’t go through the social revolution that America experienced in the 1960s, when men started wearing their hair long and getting in touch with their “feminine side,” women gained equal rights, and young people decided to “do their own thing” instead of following in the footsteps of their parents., first I want to ask you one very important question.

When it comes to women, do you believe in abundance, or do you believe in scarcity?He tells himself that he “blew his big chance.” Then, there are the guys who believe in abundance.These guys know that the universe has provided us with an endless supply of fun, sexy, single women.Therefore, they feel they need to chase women, try to impress them, and spend money.Once they’re into a girl, they’ll do anything it takes to date them!“Real” men in Asia don’t whine, complain or act needy.