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The ones that were out there were either mostly stories with little in the way of practical hints and tips, or were full of psycho-babble telling you what to say and who your perfect match is.

I personally found this very insulting of my intelligence and ability, who would buy such a book?

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This avoids not only the book distributor who takes about 20% of the RRP, but the book stores who take an additional 50% of the RRP.

The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) is .95AU (inc GST), about .50US. No dating site or agency was consulted in the writing or preparation of the book.

Although if you buy it directly from the author via this web site it's much cheaper. You won't be surprised to hear that all of the dating sites wanted the book to exclusively mention them!

Most authors were also heavily biased, in that the way they met their partner on the Internet was the right way.

In reality there is no "right way", and finding your Soulmate with Internet Dating can be much harder than most books make out.

I like helping people out and giving advice, it's enjoyable for me :) Thirdly, when I was having troubles Internet Dating I started to look around for other books on the market, and to my astonishment there was practically nothing out there.

Certainly there was no useful practical guide that I was after.

Those sort of books ARE a scam and a complete waste of time and money, they prey on vulnerable people who are looking for something better out of life.

There are plenty of these books out there, especially e Book's - beware.

Delivery times cannot be accurately estimated for overseas customers, but the package is treated as First-class Priority Airmail in almost every developed country.