Dating sites for political people

The site itself focuses on the books, not the philosophy.

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The daters seem to be taking it seriously (or, at least, some do).

But questions posted by the site like, "1) Has anyone here ever been a member of a leftist sect and dated/was seeing someone from another leftist sect?

Maybe she mentions over a glass of wine she loves Dennis Kucinich or can’t wait until Ron Paul is taken seriously in the mainstream media.

It’s the moment when a date can come to a crashing halt for the politically inclined in Washington.

Avoid those generic dating sites that don't cater to gun-lovers like yourself." Among others, there's Republican People Meet, which uses a different stock photo than its presumed namesake, Black People Meet.

When it comes to love, the left is happy to break down barriers.Like which appears to be a stock dating Web site filled out like a Mad-Lib."Are you a [NOUN] looking for other [NOUNS] to [VERB]? But as Time pointed out a few years ago, there is a Web site that is meant only for libertarians. As in, Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged." (This is the point at which people take issue with the conflation of Rand and libertarianism.Ten percent to 15 percent of the sites’ total users live in the Metro area.Relegating your online dating to those in your own party is something that sparked a reaction at a Georgetown store recently. C resident Laura Johns says she can see why it would do well in the nation’s capital.Blue State Date and Red State Date launched in October, right before the general election, when most voters and daters were deciding how they felt about the issues facing the country.