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Show your love with frequent kisses hugs and cuddles and you can be sure of having your Bull by the nose forever.

This brings us to another cherished quality of a Taurus lover – his loyalty and steadfastness. You may at first be exasperated by a guy who seems to take forever to make up his mind about you.

But remember to give it to him first and you will get it back ten times over.

This is because a Taurus guy revels in the sense of touch.

His sensual nature demands grace and softness from women and if you think this is the man for you, it wouldn’t hurt to work a little hard towards keeping him.

If you imagine a Taurus lover would romance you by writing poetry about the color of your eyes, think again.

But lady, once he does and decides you are the one for him, you can be certain of his fidelity and trustworthiness.

At the same time, be careful of your own indiscretions since this is a man who takes infidelity very hard.By nature he is a gentle and calm person - think of the bull placidly grazing in his yard – but when roused to a temper, he can turn into a fearsome creature.He is likely to leave others in peace if he is left in peace himself.When dating a Taurus man, you may sometimes find him exceedingly obstinate and unable to see beyond his own point of view.This unyielding nature may appear to you a perverse exercise in stubbornness, but it is only a Bull’s way remaining steadfast in his course and loyal to his beliefs.Therefore a perfect evening for him would most probably mean a spread of good food and wine, excellent music and the sight of sparkling crystal dinnerware.