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The counter top with this " Return to that one plain-sawed cut through the center of the tree.

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People paw through the stock at lumber mills hoping to find one. Your brand of logs had to be sorted into their own circular boom and taken down to the holding pond of the mill you used for sawing (the "mill pond").

Edge-grain counter top construction is not only a compromise in hardness between the jointed flat-grain (plain-saw) approach and end-grain, it is also what you do in a world without thick, premium quarter-sawn boards because that world has lost its large-caliber, first-growth, native hardwood trees. formerly The Ridgway Patent Refrigerator Company Limited 815 Arch St. Every step made (extracted) money, and people who fought their way towards a vertical monopoly made the most.

This is the story of the butcher block's passage through its life, and through mine, to a new home. Adding the knife holders required new, longer rods (again, 5/8-11).

All butcher blocks this size that I have seen have through-rods, but on some blocks, nut and washer are in a recessed hole, and the hole is covered with a wooden plug.

In 1970 I stumbled across an abandoned butcher block lying on its side in a tumble-down shed.

Now, 40 years later, I need a household without 400 lb pieces of furniture -- and a new friend for my butcher block.Boards which are narrower and which do not pass through the center of the tree are all called "plainsawed".Particularly for ring-porous woods like oak, the figuring of plain-sawed boards is stronger, as the plane of the board intersects the rings of the tree, making conic sections and other patterns.Williamsport became one of the most prosperous cities in the United States, with more millionaires per capita than any other town. Perkins, Peter Herdic, and Mahlon Fisher became millionaires while many of the men who actually worked in the river struggled to survive on the wages paid them by the lumber barons. Williamsport is worth visiting today just to see the architectural landmarks left in the town by Peter Herdic.To retain control of the Susquehanna Boom, the richest tollgate on land or water, Herdic proceeded to bribe every legislator in the state assembly.Although plain-sawed boards are the plentiful, cheap ones, plain-sawed boards need more careful drying and aging, as they are most likely to warp. and, they may slant in opposite directions on opposite edges of the board, because the tree was small.