Dating your marshall amp

This article is by no means made to cover oddities such as Marshall’s “Club and Country Combo”, “Capri” or others like it, and at the same time, there’s no point in discussing the first series of early badge logo Marshalls made in the early ’60s.

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The “Blues Breaker” was the combo version of the JTM 45 and available in a cabinet equipped either with alnico or ceramic Celestion speakers with some models including a tremelo effect.

Made famous by Eric Clapton when playing with John Mayall for the Blues Breaker’s LP, these combos can be had for the price of a small import automobile.

We’ll cover that and cover in general what seems to work the best to maximize a particular Marshall.

Some work well with high-output style humbucking pickups, others really come alive with PAF (i.e. While certainly there is much opinion about what makes good tone – which can be an argument in and of itself – there are certain facts and consistencies of setups to avoid.

But back to the first question regarding what kind of Marshall to get…

That isn’t such an easy question to answer because the various Marshalls over the years have been really each optimized for particular types of tones and guitar types and have changed both due to the tastes and demands of musicians as well as for cost or manufacturing reasons.

It also helped that he had a fantastic technique so never discount the benefits of practice!

So with that all said, the purpose of this article is to simply cover a range of various Marshalls made throughout the years, discuss some of the good as well as the bad of the most popular, or well-known models.

and I was happy with it at first, I became discouraged over time in part because the amp didn’t seem to cut well through the band mix and also because a good friend of mine was playing through an older, seemingly less-sophisticated model and was getting a tone that was blowing mine away.

It took years to full understand and grasp why, but to make a long story short, this guitar player friend of mine had factored in all the appropriate ingredients to his sound.

One of the most common questions we get here is, “What kind of Marshall amp should I buy?