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Truth: You think his ex-wife or 25 years’ worth of girlfriends have trained him up nice? He’s still a man, after all, and if he’s newly single, he’s probably reverting back to his dirty man habits and pretending that they are new thing for him.

I never thought twice about our relationship until i realized i was going to have to tell my mom.

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We value the same things, he makes me incredibly happy, and i love him.It's not at all that i fell in love with the wrong person, because i don't feel he is the wrong person at all, our only "problem" if any in our relationship is the age gap. As a dad, seeing that my daughter brings home a 40 (almost) year old guy... How important is the statement "age is just a number" to you?As long as you can see that from their end, the talk should be ok. His parents have met me and like me even if they don't agree with the living arrangement.I told my parents about who I was seeing and that I am happier than I have ever been. It took weeks of hanging out, hooking up, and marathon texting for him to finally come clean about his DOB, and here’s why: he was nearly 20 years my senior. This revelation initially creeped me out—had I really made out with a 44-year-old? After all, I’d heard there were so many perks to dating older guys. After months of testing out the alleged benefits of dating older, I know better.

This is the kind of stuff for him to work out with his therapist, not you.

When I met the older man I briefly dated, I’d been drinking. Get ready to learn the cold, hard truth about dating a much older man. Truth: If he was really any more mature, he wouldn’t be spending his time in the company of a perceived emotional inferior (if it’s true that with age comes wisdom).

And being that we all make bad decisions once we’ve had a few, I gave him my number. If I’d known that he was two years younger than my (gasp! Plus: Which Of The Seven Dwarfs Of Drinking Are You? Whereas younger studs get a hard on from merely thinking about having sex with you, his creaky body takes a lot more work to get going. You have to question why he is intent on fraternizing with women from the younger set. Truth: You may be told that in his “maturity” he has no further need to play you like a ping pong table. He’s still on his game, only now he’s better at tricking you into thinking he’s not playing games. Truth: Many guys in their 40’s an 50’s who are looking to hook up with much younger women are working through a mid-life crisis.

His parents know about us and they like me, but i know it will be a big issue with my parents. Because you are going to have to solidify your belief in that statement to sell it to your parents.

If you believe in your relationship, you believe that you are making the right choice and doing the right thing for yourself, then approaching your parents will tough, but manageable.

While I’m sure there are some great older, men out there, I’m choosing to date in my own age range from now on. If you don’t want to be the arm candy he keeps handy in a vain attempt to recapture his youth, I recommend not dating anyone who’s closer to your parents’ age than your own.