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Prosecutors asked a federal judge Thursday to revoke Gordon’s bond due, in part, to the alleged assault. “These criminal acts show that no set of conditions can reasonably assure the safety of the community and Gordon’s bond should be revoked.” U. District Judge Sean Cox will consider the request March 12.

Today, people are saying things have kind of died out for you. I’m trying to work on a few projects with Larissa [aka Bootz] and myself [and] Deelishis and I [just did] a party in Augusta, GA on January 8th [at Club 706]. So do you link up with Deelishis a lot or any other girls from the show? I’m not gonna say what he does, but [I was] involved with someone. To change it up real quick, let’s talk about your ass. I go to the strip club all the time to make it rain on them with somebody else money.

Are your 15 minutes of fame up or are you still building your career? But if they wanna know where the party’s at [and how to find me, use] my Twitter @Shay Johnson or my My Space/shayjohnsonatl. I looked at D like she was a sister and sisters they fight. There’s been some speculation lately that you’ve had butt shots. The way my ass jiggle and wiggle it ain’t no shots up in here baby.

At a.m., Gordon smashed through the front door and struck Deelishis in the face, according to court records.

Deelishis, who had been sleeping in her daughter’s bedroom, ran to her master bedroom, where her friend was asleep. Michael Blackson, a popular stand-up comic known as The African King of Comedy.

December 13, 2016: For weeks Deelishis has been on social media HINTING that she and rapper Rick Ross are a couple. Last night, Dee got on Spapchat and posted her and The Boss together.

, then you had a lot of other stuff going on in after the show. [But] don’t get it twisted; I love looking at [ass].' See what Adrianne Curry looks like now "Flavor of Love" followed artist Flavor Flav, most notably of hip-hop "Public Enemy," on his search to find true love.The show was amazing television to begin with, but even more amazing were those vying for Flav's love and affection.The “Flavor Of Love 2” “winner” was involved in a domestic dust up with her hubby last weekend, and it sounds like homeboy ain’t up to no good anyway because he’s also facing some serious drug charges.Via Detroit News reports: An alleged drug dealer faces new legal problems after prosecutors say he assaulted his estranged wife, Deelishis, a model and reality show star who won the VH1 reality show “Flavor of Love 2.” Federal court records shed light on a minor celebrity scandal that broke earlier this week when a popular Web site claimed Deelishis was assaulted by a pack of angry strippers. Deelishis was injured jumping out of a second story window Sunday in Farmington Hills after allegedly being assaulted by her estranged husband, Franklin resident Orlando Gordon, according to federal court records. Speculation that the two are dating arose when the reality star turned radio host posted the above photo of her and the rapper on Thanksgiving.