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To get the best AOL Mail experience, we recommend that you update your web browser to its latest version.If you continue using an older web browser, some features in AOL Mail might not work properly, or your inbox may be switched to the Basic Version of AOL Mail.

When you invite someone outside your group, though, this shorthand falls apart.

Believe it or not, not everyone uses Outlook or Google Calendar, so you need to actually include the meeting date in your subject line.

Leading to lots of poor meetings, wasted time, and overall sadness.

This guide will tell you everything you need to avoid those problems and make sure your meeting email invitations look professional and help people come prepared.

Here are the minimum system requirements and browser versions for using the Standard and Basic Versions of AOL Mail.

" That's the best invitation for the most common type of meeting.

To invite someone to talk, we fire off a quick note with a link and a number. We begin to think that this is what meeting invitations should look like, and we start to schedule meetings on the calendar with just a date and the link - skipping all the details people need to make that meeting worth attending in the first place.

It's become so easy to just add a meeting that there are now between 36 and 56 million meetings in the US alone.

You know, the kind we used to just call a conversation, or even simply "talking to Fred.

But with communications increasingly going digital, we're frequently holding these ad-hoc conversations using meeting software online.

The "Group Membership" list does in fact list the newly addeded external members, so they appear to have been successfully added to the group.