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I'm tired of the complaining that "we can't go anywhere because of your stupid condition." I'm tired of being told to "cover up your arm, its so gross."So congratulations Dialysis. The Adventures of Stacy Without An Estacywithoutane.Dialysis. Im not in love w myself so i find dating to b too scary right now. But i need to feel pretty again and dependable then i think i would be ready to get back in the game.

The other thing they have in common besides starting w the same letter is they r both hardgirl-Christmas '03 get news of esrd-June '08 start hemo-Thanksgiving '08 pd surg-Feb '09 Stop hemo and manual exchanges...

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Third, I don't get out much, except treatment ( again with with the nurses and caregiver/patient headaches ).I have this unique problem...apparently I still look about 10 years younger than I am..I look like an indestructable outdoorsy sportmans type.start cycler Setp 3 '09 On UNOS list (27th b day)Dec 09 peritonitis Richard, I can't believe you are too geeky to date!Like Savemeimdtba said, you just have to look in the right places. Geeky or not, you have a great sense of humor and have a great attitude about life!"Danny" currently settling in and working better every day!!!


If I knew someone who lived where you did, I'd be the first one to tell my single friends that I found a really good guy for them!

vivisfab, as far as your question goes, I'm too old and have been married too long to give you any advice!! Stacy (without an E) - I can't believe you've been told to cover up your "gross" arm???! I've had a few ask me if it hurts, or what it's like..I've had fun freaking a few out with my thrill..

But I believe there is someone out there for everyone. I'm definitely on the lookout for a nice Australian girl tourist in Toronto from Melbourne and I'll be recommending him highly. maybe the ones I've dated are too polite to tell me to put it away.. Sure, if someone asks, but i'm not going to sit with someone I like and go on and on about my disease or dialysis or whatever...

Besides, hasn't Bill Gates made geeky the new super cool??? 2009Second trx doing great so far..lab values in normal ranges My own experience is this: Being on dialysis is not necessarily a turnoff for most women. No woman wants to be around a guy who's a weepy, whiny grouch. but if one did I'd just tell them I can't (you know, no tight/heavy clothing over a fistula) and more than that I don't *care* about it. apart from the fact that it's dull and mostly negative... I don't shy away from that, but as I always say it doesn't run my life or rule it.

BE POSITIVE * BE INFORMED * BE PROACTIVE * BE IN CONTROL * LIVE LIFE! I was just starting to date when this speedbump came along, she lasted for like a month, things were progressing, then natural selection came along and hiked a leg, she bumped into her ex ( way younger, as was she ) and with hopefully a lot more life in him than me..was that.