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References to some of the known implementations for each platform will be indicated in the sections of this FAQ that include instructions for installation, project creation and building the CDT on the various platforms.

The core plugins are written in Java with no native code and thus may be ported to any platform supported by Eclipse.

The Framework supports all the platforms that Eclipse does.

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For an exact list of supported platforms see the Downloads page. It means that on that platform we have a good level of confidence that CDT works correctly and that its function is appropriate and complete.That means To make this all happen a platform has an Owner - someone who accepts the responsibility to make sure those things all happen.The CDT Project (like the Eclipse Project) uses bugzilla as its bug and feature tracking system.Entering a bug/feature report is as simple as filling in a web form on the eclipse bugzilla page.Keep in mind that these newsgroups are public, so do not include any confidential information in your questions.

You should also read "How to ask questions the smart way" by Eric Raymond before participating in the newsgroups.The first time you enter a bug you will need to create a new bugzilla account for yourself by providing an email address and choosing a password.Before entering a bug report, you should search bugzilla to see if someone else has already entered a bug report similar to yours.You will be much more likely to get help if you provide enough information to reproduce the problem.The section on how to report a bug gives a list of some information which could be useful.We are looking for contributions from the open source community in the areas of test, development, documentation, and general users who can help us ensure that the C/C tools work well on all the Eclipse platforms.