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Marx knew that the epic activities of the modern worldinvolve not lance and sword but dry goods.- Stephen Bayley That is to say, epic poetry has been invented many times and independently;but,as the needs which prompted the invention have been broadly similar,so the invention itself has been.- Lascelles Abercrombie The epic implications of being human end in more than this: We start our lives as if they were momentous stories,with a beginning, a middle and an appropriate end,only to find that they are mostly middles.- Anatole Broyard Second, this epic tale allows the audience to actuallylisten to the Native Americans and receive their wisdom.

They don't want their team to be associated with crime.From now on, they'll just be known as the Bullets.- Jay Leno Normally, we are happy to find a fragment of jaw,a few isolated teeth, a bit of an arm,a bit of a skull.But to find associated body parts is extremely rare.- Donald Johanson Man is a special being, and if left to himself,in an isolated condition, would be one of the weakest creatures;but associated with his kind,he works wonders.- Daniel Webster Today I have 35 people who work in the club and associated businesses.- Sergei Bubka The mystique associated with the bomb,the role that scientists played in it,and its general importance could not fail to impress even a six-year old.- Sidney Altman Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell thatwas once associated with it.- Vladimir Nabokov If information is true, if it can be verified,and if it's really important, the newspaper needs tobe willing to take the risk associated with using unidentified sources.- Bob Woodward What I mean is that today's films lay lot of emphasison glamour and associated emotions.- Rajendra Prasad I think music needs to be presented in a way so that kids can grasp songs,dances, simple music that's associated with some particulardefining moment in human experience.- Michael Tilson Thomas To confirm your subscription, you must click on a link in the email being sent to you. We will NEVER sell, rent, loan, or abuse your email address in ANY way.If you like piƱa coladas and getting caught in a bookstore, you should date us.That is, if he is successful; the time may refuse to work with him,but he may not refuse to work with his time.- Lascelles Abercrombie The world knows of a vast stock of epic material scattered up and down the nations;sometimes its artistic value is as extraordinary asits archaeological interest,but not always.- Lascelles Abercrombie I wanted the feel in these books to be like an epic fantasy,with kings, queens, dukes and court politics,but of course like what I was explaining before,about making the science make sense,you have to make the politics make sense,too.- Kevin J. But I'm sure it was an epic.- Jane Horrocks When Ulysses hears his own story sung by an epic poetand then he reveals his identity and the poet wants to continue singing, Ulysses isn't interested any longer.

Anderson My earliest acting memory is making up a play for mymom and dad called The Lonesome Baby. That's very astonishing.- Raymond Queneau The epic poet has behind him a tradition of matterand a tradition of style;and that is what every other poet has behind him too;only,for the epic poet, tradition is rather narrower,rather more strictly compelling.- Lascelles Abercrombie Your primary presumption that The Bridge was profferedas an epic has no substantial foundation.

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It's an important part of epic literature.- Kevin J.

Anderson Cut quarrels out of literature, and you will have verylittle history or drama or fiction or epic poetry left.- Robert Lynd The epic poet collaborates with the spirit of his timein the composition of his work.

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