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"It only lasted maybe 10 seconds, the whole call," he says.

What gave Mr Kremen peace of mind was that his home address was still there.He decided it was probably an accidental overwrite of information on the database - this was, after all, the early days of the internet and its systems were still very far from 100 per cent reliable.In this extract from a new book by Kieren Mc Carthy, he tells the story of this ingenious scam.'SO ONE day, the name disappeared," explains Gary Kremen.Mr Kremen reasoned that when the mistake was noticed, the company in charge would simply revert to an earlier saved version and his name would be restored. Mr Kremen kept checking's details, and for a fortnight it stayed the same: a mix of Kremen and Mr Cohen's information.

And then, one day, his address also disappeared, replaced with one he didn't one of the most valuable properties on the internet, worth 0 million a year and with 5 million page views a day.In 1995 it was stolen from its owner Gary Kremen - who fought for 12 years to win it back.Mr Cohen had already spent a decade posing as everyone from government officials to FBI agents to lawyers.He was so good at it that, according to one story, he had even impersonated a judge in Colorado, heard real cases in court, and let people off before he was finally discovered by an embarrassed judiciary.So he did what anyone would do and called the number listed as the contact for to find out what was going on.