Error validating the default for column id newsequentialid Adult sex dating in margate city new jersey

I get the following error when I try to save the table Error validating default value for column ' Column Name'.

To insert a globally unique value, create a DEFAULT definition on the column that uses the NEWID or NEWSEQUENTIALID function to generate a globally unique value.

I want to create a computed column with this formula: ISNULL(NULLIF (tot_mnc, 0) / NULLIF (repl_value, 0), 0) It works in a straight select query, but when I put it in the formula of the table design window, I get an error "Error validating the formula for column 'test_fci'" I don't know if it's relevant but repl_value is itself a computed column with the formula: (repl_value_e_g repl_value_aux) Is it possible to use the system functions in a computed column?

If an application must generate an identifier column that is unique across the database, or every database on every networked computer in the world, use the uniqueidentifier data type and the NEWID (Transact-SQL) or NEWSEQUENTIALID() function.

The Database Engine does not automatically generate values for the column.

If not, how would I pass those values into a udf and use it for the formula?

I created a column in a table with datatype uniqueidentifier which is set as Row GUID and the default value to newsequentialid().

This is because the NEWID function causes random activity and uses fewer cached data pages.

Using NEWSEQUENTIALID also helps to completely fill the data and index pages.

Create a table with a uniqueidentifier column 'Unique ID', and set the default to newsequentialid(). saving the design: 'Table_1' table - Error validating the default for column 'Unique ID'. On later inserts, sql server seems to forget the last sequential id, and starts a new sequence.

Running this in ssms results in squential guids: insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test13a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test14a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test15a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test16a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test17a'); It's a bad function name.

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