Eurocontrol route validating

Entering aerodrome pairs will allow you to view all stored IFR routes and CFMU proposal results between them.You can also use partial or empty terms to broaden your search.Utilize partial search terms between departure, destination, and entire countries to evaluate various international crossing options.

The CFMU was established in 1995 as a EUROCONTROL Directorate in accordance with the ICAO Centralised Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Organisation to provide the ATFM Service, on behalf of the participant States, in a specified part of the EUR Region.

The CFMU comprised the Central Executive Unit and the Flight Data Operations Division with the Integrated Initial Flight Plan processing System.

If you leave ROUTE blank, but enter a departure and destination aerodrome, DCT is entered as your route automatically.

However filing DCT is highly discouraged unless your flight is short enough to permit it.

Aircraft data and routing information will typically transfer from the Route Finder, leaving only pilot selection from the Load Pilot menu.

Given this, the flight plan form will be mostly populated and ready for validation.The system will recommend that you select a password with punctuation, capitalization, and/or numbers, but this is to encourage security-mindedness only.Euro FPL will accept nearly any password desired, as simple as you wish, for your convenience.Good Reader is an inexpensive, incredibly powerful reader, file manager, and annotator for the i OS platform, and a trusted choice for EFB platforms by some major airlines and government operators.Please note that some elements of this site may require a two-finger scrolling gesture to view.Clicking USE will transfer all of the Finder scratchpad data over to the Flightplan Builder.