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Along the way, he’s been a corporate VP, troubleshooter, and non-exec to a variety of companies and investors in and around the games sector.Last week, Facebook launched Instant Games on its Messenger app. Is it a chance for Western chat apps to replicate those in Asia and increase their mobile gaming influence? To find out, we asked our Mobile Mavens: Adam has been in the mobile game industry since 2007, creating games independently. It feels much closer to native than a few years ago.

I've been talking about it with Neil Fairbrother for the last three years or so and I really trust his opinion - and we felt this was the time to go for it.The excitement is huge, it's the biggest franchise competition in the world with all of the biggest and best players involved," he added.Then I had another hour's sleep before I was up with the kids!” "I'm really pleased now that it's sorted and it's started to sink in.Rooms has been designed to enable Facebook Messenger users to exchange topic-based messages with a group of people, regardless if they are Friends on the app or not.

Administrators are able to approve the admission of new guests in the message feed."I tried to watch it live on a stream but it wasn't working so I had to follow it on Twitter!There were so many tweets on it that it was hard to keep up and I was awake from about .This means that users can now challenge their friends in a series of bite-sized HTML5 games - with no need for any additional installations - right within the app. He's since grown into a full 50 person studio manager. It is also clear that Facebook has a lot of potential in this platform to create games that are inherently viral.Recently he's taken a position at Wooga in Berlin to sharpen his design skills and work with the world's best to create amazing, well-crafted products onto the mobile marketplace. The games are simple, but so far nothing that really captures the potential of the platform. Facebook really delivered on the "instant" experience.He is an amazing player," Stokes said in a Facebook chat on his official page. I am looking forward to playing plenty of T20 cricket, something we don't get to do as England players," he said.