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I was a burgeoning babe who didn’t know she was a total catch, and I spent most of my waking hours scheming about how to lose enough weight to get a boy to touch my boobs.

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I can honestly say that without it, I can’t imagine having made the eventual decision to stop dieting and accept my destiny as a bad ass fat babe – fat rolls, stretch marks and all.

When I started having sex, I didn’t let anyone touch my belly or my back fat, corralling their hands to the parts of me that were less squishy or more universally desirable – there was a lot of breast and ankle touching.

I was a sexually frustrated Pentecostal Venutian stuck in a boring suburb with a bunch of fatphobic assholes. I would lie in the bathtub often willing myself not to masturbate, and I would fail.

Every time it happened I would become paralyzed with fear that the Baby Jesus had finally broken my coochie, then I would cry for an hour, pray for forgiveness and vow never ever to do that again.

February is the month for luuurve, but let’s face it – you might not be feeling it for any number of reasons.

To bring you a shot of awesome, we’re proud to feature this guest blog by the inspiring babe Virgie Tovar – author, activist and expert on fat discrimination and body image.

I had no idea there were people who either had no size-related specifications (I would later come to label these people as “normal non-bigots”) or who preferred my bigness. I need my lovers to recognize my fat body and name their desire for it.

Once I met a guy who really liked wrestling with women. So we went for a walk to my old elementary school on a Sunday and tussled in the grass for about 2 hours. I went to grad school with someone who upon graduation shyly confessed his interest in me over coffee, and then later confessed his love of my belly. Why was it any different from someone liking me because I had a cute face or nice butt? Sex feels, for the most part, like an exercise in the deepest kind of embodiment.

So we had epic, athletic sex on the floor of his apartment. I want to be honest and say that not every single experience was borne of a total and loving acceptance of me and my body. More than that, these experiences worked for me and changed the way I saw myself.

I no longer felt like someone who had to be accepted her body.

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