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Dion has been a technologist and a developer writing Web applications since it took over from Gopher. From 2001 through 2012 I was the Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine.

He has been fortunate enough to speak around the world, has published many articles, a book, and of course covers life the universe and everything on his blog at almaer.com/blog. Before Wired I was with The Economist for seven years in London, Hong Kong and New York in various positions, ranging from Technology Editor to US Business Editor.

He also was Managing Director of LB , the interactive company behind Endemol’s reality hit show Big Brother.

While living in San Francisco in the later 90’s he worked for Oracle as a Director for New Business Development and specialized in entertainment technology.

In addition, Ivan has published chapters on audience behavior and franchise development in several books and encyclopedias.

He is a frequent speaker and lecturer on digital... of Strings.com, Inc., is a prosumer that is passionate about leveraging technology in order to deliver the consummate user experiences.

Jesper speaks frequently at international technology and design conferences and has appeared in print and broadcast media for projects like Avoidr, Freerisk, and his Foursquare privacy hack. Before launching Foodspotting in January 2010, Alexa was a User Experience Designer for Adaptive Path, where she helped both startups and established companies create great experiences that improve people’s lives.

From redesigning My Space to conducting the research that underlies the Palm Pre, Alexa has helped clients reimagine products from the ground up.She co-authored The Persona Lifecycle: Keeping People in Mind Throughout Product Design with Microsoftie John Pruitt, and The Essential Persona Lifecycle is hitting the shelves in May 2010.Previously, Tamara co-founded Fell Swoop, and she was a Customer Experience Specialist at Amazon.com, and before that she did user experience work at a series... Brian has spent his life working on the details of how to build and scale out systems.Edward is a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in Computer Science.Anamitra Banerji is part of the product management team at Twitter with a focus on advertising products.Following in the footsteps of Adaptive Path colleagues who’ve started their own UX-driven ventures, Alexa looks forward to... Ivan Askwith leads Big Spaceship’s strategic practice, where he works to help clients navigate the digital landscape and understand emerging behaviors.