Fem lesbian dating

Yes, the lesbian bar is often a place with lots of drinking, smoking and high drama. Just because you haven’t found a feminine woman, doesn’t mean they are not out there. Read through these comments and see how many women met their girlfriends through online dating services.

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I can understand your frustration at not finding a woman you are compatible with, but why must you insult other lesbians in the process?I know everyone has a type that they are attracted to.Our culture is like a secret designer sample sale advertised only to an exclusive group of people “in the know.” (Oh, but once you get inside, you discover it was worth waiting on that pesky long lesbian line).Everything I learned about girl-on-girl dating was through trial and error.The same type of women that I see every day at work or in other social gatherings. Most feminine women I meet are either straight or bisexual and most lesbians I meet are masculine and unattractive.

They are also frequently overweight (not always), makeup is like kryptonite to them, they smoke, drink too much, are frequently unfaithful and sleep with ex-girlfriends and many have weird psychological issues like violent behaviors.Women aren’t a simple stroll in the park; women are an uphill climb in dangerous weather conditions. Also, lesbian culture, by nature, is extremely elusive.We aren’t like gay men who shamelessly advertise incessant fabulous gay parties all over the Internet.Feminine women float your boat, and that is just fine.But to say that butch women look and smell like men is just plain mean. It sounds to me like you are hanging out in places where dysfunctional lesbians congregate.The crowd may be a bit younger than you are, but trust me, the hot sexy feminine girls are everywhere.