Filipina dating blacks

A study by the Pew Research Center titled, “Marrying Out: One-in-Seven New U. Marriages is Interracial or Interethnic,” received widespread national attention.

And many saw it as yet another confirmation that Black females are in a no-win predicament when it comes to marriage, especially marriage to another African American.

She politely declined and explained that she was there with her boyfriend and their friends.

Nearly 60 percent in each gender married a Caucasian.Nearly a fourth of Black women (24 percent) and 22 percent of African-American men married a Hispanic. Submit an employment certificate and a certificate of good moral character first.A bill pending in the House of Representatives sets certain requirements before male foreigners can wed Filipino women.The proposed legislation, according to the author, seeks to protect Filipino women from exploitation.

The House approved on second reading House Bill 2387 prescribing additional requirements for interracial unions after it received sponsorship in the committee on revision of laws chaired by Pangasinan Rep. The bill was a substitute for House Bill 2387 authored by Cebu Rep. Garcia, who described her measure as protection against “vagabonds or social and moral derelicts in their own country” and whose real motive is to abuse Filipino women.

of Iloilo), Evelina Escudero of Sorsogon, Elisa Kho of Masbate, and Roman Romulo of Pasig City.

Jul 06, 2010 Most news stories about a new study showing that 22 percent of Black male newlyweds and 9 percent of African-American females marry outside their race neglected to report another major finding: When whites, Hispanics and Asians decide to marry outside their group, African Americans rank last in their choice of mates.

Garcia’s co-authors to the bill are Representatives Henry Oaminal of Misamis Occidental, Ibarra Gutierrez III of Akbayan, Nicasio Aliping Jr.

of Baguio City, Rodel Batocabe of Ako Bicol, Silvestre Bello III of 1 BAP, Al Francis Bichara of Albay, Arthur Defensor Jr.

Of the four groups studied — whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians — whites are least likely to marry outside of their race, which is not surprising, given the advantages of white privilege in the United States.“Among the estimated 362,000 African Americans who were newlyweds in 2008, nearly one in six (15.5 percent) married someone who was not Black,” the report stated.