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The actual seed of prostitution flourished in Dhaka after the 1971 liberation war.

Basically history blames the then veteran female leaders’ looseness that they couldn't stop the profession when it was growing. Several NGOs rooted in the Dhaka are taking steps to mushroom the profession of prostitution. Today prostitution has been a common part in the state.

English Road is a well known area where you may find the availability of prostitutes and sex workers.

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There is news of the availability of brothels in and around Jessore.Apart from that, the English Road is yet another place can find sex workers operating actively in order to provide their clients with the desired services.There is even an act named Punishment and Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act which is widely used to deal with the prostitution and punish those who illegally traffic girls or are in any ways involved in it.The metropolitan police can even charge the client or the broker who in any how inspires or forces the person to get involved in prostitution.Also they can order the person to leave the area as soon as possible as per the section 74 of police act. Girls are mainly in streets, Brothels and Red-light districts.

You might find some online, but always the numbers don't even answer the phone.Some other areas where they can be seen are Gulistan Hockey, behind Ramana kali Mandir, Kabadi Market and Farm gate Park.Also these prostitutes who generally meet up or even contact customer through mobile phone set their home in the slum areas between Tongi to Naraygonj.However, a new form of prostitution is said to be established now in Bangladesh.Well, it is really important for a person to consider absolute security and safety while entering any area that is related to prostitution and other adult entertainment services.It is also the second largest city (after Kolkata) in the historical region of Bengal (today's West Bengal and Bangladesh).