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For those American singles heading on a first date with someone they’ve met on Elite Singles, the chances are you and your date have already hit it off online.After finding interest in each other’s profiles and exchanging messages to become more familiar with one another, it’s time for that all important first meeting.

Using slightly animated speech will also enhance this effect.

And of course, leave your phone in your bag – we all know constantly checking your social media apps is a first date no-no. Ultimately, a successful first date comes from confidence and being open and engaging.

Guys - you always want to present yourself as calm and confident on a first date.

Prepare well so that you're not caught off-guard no matter what happens.

Sometimes when some people want to impress, they try to do everything in their power to look perfect, by saying yes to everything and never showing any disagreement.

But maintaining your own personality is probably the most important thing to do during a first date.So who will you be spending that all important first date with?Essentially, the first date with someone you’ve met online is all about discovering whether there is chemistry between you and therefore the location you pick needs to allow you the space to talk.Choosing a simple first date idea like a coffee or a walk in the park will keep the date feeling relaxed and casual and provide a more natural environment for the two of you to get to know each other.explains, ‘Don’t change your personality for someone else.No one likes to hear about an ex on a first date right?