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New Delhi: Known for taking bold stance against bigotry, noted Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen on Sunday stirred up a hornet's nest when she said that minority Muslims can commit heinous crimes in India which is hard to even imagine for minority Hindus in Bangladesh.

More than 200 Nigerian girls abducted from a government school will be sold into slavery, according to a videotape from the Islamist terrorist group that captured them. The video emerged days after reports emerged last week that some of girls had been forced to marry their abductors — who paid a nominal bride price of — and that others have been taken to neighboring Cameroon and Chad. The name “Boko Haram” loosely translates to “Western education is forbidden.” The group is responsible for numerous bloodthirsty attacks on Christians in Nigeria, attempting to drive out Christianity and Western values, and replace them with law and their own rule.

paul1149 on May 6, 2014 at PM I’m not big on being the world police but this is a case where we could send in the Marines and get some serious PR millage as well as do some real good.

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There isn’t a snowflake’s chance in Hell American troops will be used against Muslims to rescue Christians.

The “sale” of these slaves isn’t a fundraiser, after all, but a show of power and ruthlessness. People around the world are pressuring their own governments to find ways to rescue the girls.

Perhaps this is a moment for people to see past the platitudes of moral equivalency: Islam in action.

Everything BH is doing is commanded or allowed in the Koran, the immutable source text of Islam, and is exemplified in Muhammad’s own life.

Time to tell the truth about this illegitimate religion.

And then we will follow ours, of hanging people who do that very thing.” Or something like that. Fine, but we get to follow our tradition of short, summary execution of female enslavers. But hey maybe the boy price will lecture Boko Haram enough that they drop dead from exhaustion from listening to one of his carefully prepared photo op statements. One has always been home to the least educated, the most corrupt, the eternally savage, the sickest and poorest people on the planet, yet it is a place with unlimited natural resources and developable land.