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A 10 minute appointment any time after 18 weeks to view your baby in 2D/3D and provide sex determination.

We will also print one 3D photo for you to take home.

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A few of our kids (9 and 13) had this app installed on their devices and were playing it.It looks so similar to Minecraft that I hadn't really bothered looking into it.This is a great way to confirm or reveal your pregnancy to friends and family.We will view your baby and include one 2D or 3D printed photo for you to take home.I watch my son play and the servers have nothing to do with "sex" they are named things like "survival games s1 and death match s3" and only custom servers have names the game is good and fun to play it is just what some of the people on the game.

i have seen at least 30 servers with something to do with realation ships and sex. Its a fun light shooter and if you are a mom or dad of younger children than 9 then disable chat or disable multiplayer.Now you can see and hear your developing baby with remarkable 3D ultrasound baby scanning technology in Nova Scotia's most popular 3D Ultrasound clinic.Please feel free to invite up to 8 family members or friends to comfortably join you during your ultrasound session.Our Network has rated this game 3 star do not play unless you can tolerate swearing,sec and harassment or you can turn off the chat ~Reviewed by Lukeclimber YT Network Manager Parents please check games they play. NOT to mention the Open chat with strangers which is so unappropiate.There must be more control from app violent all sorts of wepons which i find child has been chatting to stranger .If necessary, we may able to squeeze in a few more!