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The latest New York edition of the Global Citizen Festival, to take place on September 24, will feature R&B superstar Rihanna, metal greats Metallica and leading rapper Kendrick Lamar.Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared at the festival in 2014 to lend his support to its goals.

“We show him a dildo and ask him to imagine what it would be like to have anal sex with a client.We show him pictures of men with sexually transmitted infections and of men with AIDS and tell him that could happen to him without a condom.There was much speculation that the tickets would be priced at Rs 25,000 and above with the highest going up to Rs 5 lakhs.It is still not clear if tickets will be sold at all.Starting September 12, fans can sign up with their web site and complete the festival’s action campaigns, Global Citizen report added.

Fans can take part via phone, email and social media campaigns and earn points which can be redeemed as concert passes once they have enough, reports Buzzfeed.That they could die before they hit adulthood.” They have been able to help 159 boys get training in other vocations, including automobile repair, plumbing and electrical work.That’s in addition to the counseling and sex education regularly provided to them.Chris Martin, the lead vocalist of the band, is the creative director of its Global Citizen Festival.The Global Citizen Festival, established in 2012, takes place each year in New York’s Central Park on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly to push world leaders to put anti-poverty efforts high on the agenda.While most Coldplay fans likely have indoor plumbing, around half of Indians do not have regular access to modern toilets, presenting a major public health hazard.