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Many of these technologies are used as powerful tools for teaching and learning in schools and other educational settings.Within school children are protected in the online environment, but the boundaries of school now reach far beyond the school gate.Appendix 4: How to Work Safely with Information and Communication Technology, Appendix 5: Guidance for Practitioners to Minimise the Risk of Misconduct Allegations related to Digital and Interactive Technology and Appendix 6: Acceptable Use Policy, provide guidance to practitioners to better be able to safeguard themselves.

Children and young people can access the internet in many public areas such as libraries and through free public Wi Fi connections, as well as the connection they have at home.Children are increasingly accessing the internet through their mobile phones which can make parental control of content and contact very challenging.And due to the sudden popularity of dash cams, these are also rich pickings for thieves.A summary of this chapter is available: click here to view the fact sheet.It offers tips on how to minimise the risks and also gives basic sexual health information, basic legal information and a glossary, with suggestions of where else to go for additional information.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Please do not leave any items on display in vehicles, no matter how quickly you will be returning to your vehicle."Despite the introduction of built in sat navs, there still remains a demand for free standing models.This can be very challenging when the majority of children and young people often have more experience and confidence in using such technologies than their parents or other responsible adults.However it is the behaviour that some children and young people engage in online that can put them at risk.For those practitioners who may have less experience of digital technology the following definitions may be of help.The term digital (data carrying signals carrying electronic or optical pulses) and interactive (a message relates to other previous message/s and the relationship between them) technology covers a range of electronic tools.Just as there are risks in the real world there are risks online.