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Each of the places we visited has an entirely different way of living meaning that anything we learned in one area is not necessarily true in the other areas, it was really like visiting 3 different countries.

While getting settled we met the manager of the resort – Edric (I’m telling you this for a reason).

We were also meant to stay at the lodge one night and do a village stay on the other night as Lonely Planet had suggested that this is what one does when one visits the Trobs.

Now, to be clear I have been camping many a time with no toilet facilities.

And, when you have a bladder like mine, drink water as much as I do, and spend hours on a mountain bike, peeing in the bushes is not something you are shy of.

Well, who should arrive promptly as we deplane but Kenneth a representative of our hotel. First of all he had understood that I would be arriving with my husband or boyfriend but instead there was just us two girls.

Secondly, he was confused because he was supposed to be picking up 3 tourists and only two white people got off the plane.Having grown up white and middle class in a white middle class kind of place I always find it an interesting experience to be a very visually obvious minority. When we were planning where to go for Christmas we considered a lot of places in Asia and the South Pacific and everywhere we looked lots of flights were full, resorts booked etc because it was so last minute and Christmas.When we picked PNG, flights were full and really expensive so we assumed it would be a heavy tourist season. It turns out that there are rarely, well never, lots of tourists in PNG and it particularly is not a Christmas destination.I believe one of the top 10 rules of travel is not to fall for lines like that because they are almost always a scam.However, in this case it was clear that this was not a scam but rather a sad comment on the state of the economy, price of goods, and lack of tourist infrastructure.It would have been cool to stay in a village but we had seen (and would see) a number of villages and huts, we had already slept in open air with bug infestations, we had interacted with lots of local people…we figured this was an experience we could skip.