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I think if guys are bored of their porn and have a bit of an “exhibitionist” side to them, then this is a much better and SAFER alternative to sleeping around.

From the feedback in my previous articles, seems like people like this one though.

Not that high volume – only 10 users online when I went to it.

Then, gay copycat sites started popping up everywhere, essential for guys to, well, even chat a little too.

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In my opinion, the best of the purely men seeking men chat roulette sites – simply because it works and there are a lot of people online.

Boy Just because it’s called Boy Roulette doesn’t mean you’ll find “boys.” There obviously trying to lure the younger crowd with a name like that, but of course they’re gonna lure the olders who like the youngers in the process.

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), they’ve been viewed a lot and several people have shared their favorite gay video chat sites in response.