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Girls who have not started their period and boys 11 years and younger will go to Dell Children’s Medical Center emergency room at 4900 Mueller Blvd.

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If it’s been longer than five days, please call 911 for more information.Your advocate completed certified training and you have the legal right to have them in the room during your exam.Again, your exam will be provided by a qualified nurse who will meet with you before the exam to discuss the process. The exam may include: After the exam, you will get information about follow-up care and who to call with questions.The nurse can also give you an official excuse for work or school that does not say why you came to us.They can help you understand these systems, explain your medical and legal options, your rights as a crime victim, and available resources in the community.

Your advocate will address safety concerns and make sure you have a ride to a safe location after the exam.

If you think you may have been sexually assaulted, please visit our sexual assault page to learn more about the services we can offer you.

Please download the media advisory or press release for more information.

If you use the phone, just tell us how many of each item you would like and we will text back confirming your request and providing you with a code word.

The items will be placed ASAP in a brown envelope marked with your code word in the welfare pidge (on the left as you walk into the post room.)Chlamydia is the most common STI, with 1 in 12 young people infected, and it’s a good idea to get checked up if you are, or have been sexually active.

The idea has come from Brighton and Hove City Teaching Primary Care Trust (PCT) – also known as NHS Brighton and Hove.