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The show previously had a lot of fun foreshadowing Glenn's demise courtesy of Lucille with a number of other baseball bats and head injuries over the years, and it seems like the producers are doing something similar with Rick's right hand — the guy sure does seem to find that particular appendage in peril on a disturbingly regular basis.Could we be heading towards an amputation via infection?This area was first inhabited in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods.It continued to be occupied by Neolithic and then Bronze Age peoples, and later (in the Iron Age) by Brythons with distinctive cultural relations to neighbouring Wales and Brittany.Any views expressed in message boards and member notes represent the opinions of the author, and do not represent the opinions of Friends Reunited Limited.

Even if "New Best Friends" had been a terrible episode (which it wasn't — it was arguably one of the season's strongest to date), it still would've scored bonus points for bringing our two favorite lone wolves back together after way too many episodes apart.

The area is noted for its wild moorland landscapes, its long and varied coastline, its attractive villages, its many place-names derived from the Cornish language, and its very mild climate.

Extensive stretches of Cornwall's coastline, and Bodmin Moor, are protected as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Traditionally, fishing (particularly of pilchards) and agriculture (notably dairy products and vegetables) were the other important sectors of the economy.

Railways led to a growth of tourism in the 20th century; however, Cornwall's economy struggled after the decline of the mining and fishing industries.

In the mid-19th century, however, the tin and copper mines entered a period of decline.