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The rule is: if someone keeps calling you a friend, they're not.

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As a matter of fact, if you don't stay with them and stay in a binguan (hotel) instead, they'll be insulted.If you do stay with your Chinese friend, remember to buy fresh supplies of shuiguou (fruit) and pijiu (beer) for the household every day.zenmezuo zhongguoren de pengyou (Being a Friend to a Chinese Person) Chinese friends will invite you out to dinner any day of the week on a moment's notice. And you should always offer to host your Chinese friends when they make a trip fromfar away to visit you.And while you would normally fight tooth and nail for the privilege of paying the bill when dining with most ordinary people, you should never argue about paying the bill with your real friends. Similarly, you can always stay with Chinese friends when you go out of town.If you’re looking for Korean friends, pen pals, singles, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wife or brides we have it all at UBLove.

UBLove is the perfect place for Korean online dating and personals.Whether you’re looking for Korean friends, Korean pen pals, Korean singles, Korean women, Korean girls, and Korean ladies seeking marriage, friendship or dating online.UBLove has thousands of photo album profiles of single Korean women.One day the executive needs to set up a representative office for his company in Beijing, so he simply calls up his friends at the Bureau and presto!He's got his yingye zhizhao (business license) quicker than a mob of rush-hour commuters scurrying for an empty seat on the subway. To see for yourself, just visit any profitable waizi qiye (foreign-invested enterprise) and look for the handful of employees thatsit around all day doing absolutely nothing but smoking cigarettes, reading the newspaper and chatting (i.e.Anytime you leave China to huiguo (go back to your home country) or chuguo (go abroad), whether for luyou (vacation) or chuchai (business trip), you should always come back with lots of tutechan (local specialty items, i.e.