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Com left the Police Station, Socrate was still being detained.

He looked very worried and confused: “I’m looking at what the police will do.

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As a pioneer in the movie making business in Ghana, Socrate has produced one of the finest movies ‘Ghost Tears’, ‘Lovers Blues’, ‘Akwaaba’, ‘Amsterdam Diary’, ‘Sika Nti’ but his recent movies like ‘Hot Fork’, ‘Love and Sex’, ‘So So and So’, ‘Sakawa Boys’, ‘Adult Only’, ‘Jezebel’ ‘What Sex Can Do’ among others have been met with frowned faces because of his constant exploitation of s*x scenes. Com that, in a scene where he was supposed to use sperm, he made it known that he wants to use real sperm instead of what has been mixed on set as sperm. Com can confirm that, the mixture to be used as sperm became a subject for discussion on set as most people doubted if indeed the mixture looked like sperm.

With a name like controversial hanging on his neck, his movies have become a subject of discussion. Duke Felix then opted to produce his own sperm to be used to curtail the disagreement. Shortly after when it was set for them to shoot that scene, the sperm was nowhere to be found. Not wanting to continue shooting if the where about of the sperm is not known, he went straight to the Community 18 Police Station to report the incidence after searching the place thoroughly.

Whatever comments the former President makes becomes news.

The same way movies produced by Socrate Safo gets everyone talking.

When the Police officer appeared on set, she tried seizing the camera to prevent the continue shoot of the movie until the missing sperm was found but she was resisted.

After minutes of scuffle, Socrate was arrested as the head of production and sent to the Police Station.

Continuing that: “We even have somebody on set who has mixed something to represent the sperm but he [Duke Felix] said that he want the thing to look real.

So he decided to use his own sperm, I didn’t tell him to do it.

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