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We had some bread leftover and the birds were not shy to come close to us to fight for it.Daughter called from the airport to report that she had driven by a small aviation museum and suggested that the boys might enjoy visiting it. There were just two mothers and children outside the museum and they soon left.The same family has owned the restaurant all these years and we were told the decor, pieces and ceiling covering were hand painted in Taipei, Taiwan.

There was a long line of local people waiting from the street all the way to the counter.Tucker's has been in business on Alameda Island since 1941.On the same street - which is the main business street in Alameda, I found a large independent bookstore called Books, Inc.While driving around I found another bookstore, Wilmot's Books, selling second-hand books (my favorite.) I did purchase several books there, mostly mysteries, but some non-fiction, and a French book (some of the books shown below.) I talked with the owner of the shop for a while.He gave me some interesting historic information on the island.

On the following day, Saturday, we drove over the Bay Bridge to San Francisco and I'll have a future post on our afternoon there. The choice of restaurants is very large in Alameda for such a small island.I had a restaurant guide and as you can see in the collage below, on the purple page, the longest list of restaurants is for Asian eateries.Many Chinese and other Asian people have lived on Alameda Island for over a century.She was able to visit her nephews and me on the week-end.On Friday night we went to eat at a downtown restaurant on Park Street called "Papa Mama Lithuanian Restaurant." Since we had never sampled Lithuanian cuisine we were happy to try a variety of dishes.It looked to me like Chinese restaurants I used to patronize when living in San Francisco in the 1960s.