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The Hewlett-Packard testing was reported by the organization themselves and I have copies of it – as have hundreds of other people, no doubt.

But White either is not aware of this, or as it does not fit his agenda, disregards it.

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” I leave it up to Giorgio Tsoukalos to defend himself, but it is clear that he means here that we’ve labeled them giants, but that maybe we should call them extraterrestrial instead.Yet White interprets this statement to say that Tsoukalos is claiming the word Nephilim has been mistranslated as giants and should be instead translated as extraterrestrial! But my point is that the word means big, and the context of the stories support that idea, their height is mentioned etc.If you have proof that the Smithsonian study was somehow faulty, now is a good time to dig it out!In the show, on this point you say something like “in short, we believe that those experts are wrong in their conclusions.” Well I’m very interested, what kind of evidence would you propose to negate the findings of the Smithsonian?” But as I mentioned, the reason why this is irrelevant is that nothing they did in that study had any bearing on whether it was a fake or not.

There was no dating of the skull or investigation of tool marks. I was aware of that study too, I even referred to it in the film.Actually, I am aware of this, I didn’t include it because the Hewlett Packard test was not a test to see if it was a fake or not, it had nothing to do with the method of manufacture or dating.Instead it basically determined the type of crystal it was, and that is was made from the same crystal.Though I was not present, I do have in my possession the complete video footage of the 2007 Smithsonian session, and I can assure anyone, and will make available if needed, sections of this tape (it is many hours long) that will show a radically different nature of this session than what White pretends the meeting was all about.Let me note that White was not present and has never seen this footage.Perhaps I should have said “Anna Mitchell-Hedges never allowed for any testing that would prove the skull was a fake.” Because she did allow the HP test, which I have already described basically as nothing better than a PR stunt which had no bearing on its validity, nor could it have.