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I don't think she has asked me anything about myself in the last 2 months. Her interrupting me makes me feel like I am on some sort of practical joke show. But I can tell you now I find this very unattractive - I just hope I'm the only one she does it to.

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So much so that I could not ever even consider being more than her friend. I've completely lost all hope, but at this point I want to figure out if there even is a way to have a two-sided conversation with her. She is quite interesting if she let's you inquire about her. Get yourself some tissues she didnt care to hear your side but when a women talks a lot its just a huge plus. that being said, in that situation i think it's key to make sure you regain control of the interaction, you can let her do most of the talking as long as you should lead what she talks about by asking her questions LOL! It's a minor form of qualification for her to be talking about herself, but it doesn't necessarily mean she likes you. She's a great addition to our future generations.'Another said: 'This is so great! This is priceless love her to pieces.' The mother is now hoping the video will be so popular that it might be featured on The Ellen De Generes Show.

This girl ive known for a month or so , i like her but it bothers me she doesnt ask me many questions about myself, like to find out about me. When i see people dojng the open shirt thing really makes me laugh. Btw why are u wearing a sweater in such a hot place?Wondering if that means anything or if she just expected i would share similar stories (I don't share much in early stages normally anyway).. Whatever she wants to talk about, you use that as your ammunition, and banter, flirt and tease off of that, to pump your value and get her to chase.it probably meant she was trying to get you to like her it's hard to tell, some bitches just don't shut the fuck up, they'll talk to stuffed animal if you prop him up and put him next to her. Actual Alice is the girl who told Quentin that he was a big part of her life and wanted to be friends with him if nothing else.