Gta iv michelle dating guide

You drive into a park very soon and they get off the bikes and attack you. You call Michael Faustin to tell him the good news. He will go through alleys, through a building, over a fence and into an apartment block. ===Rigged to blow=== Reward: 0 Michaels wife is home and she talks to you about her life. Once you parked it, you have to press a button to arm it. ===The master and the Molotov=== Reward: $ You are meeting Dimitri sitting on a bench. The guy you killed earlier was someone important' son. Turn right, there is a guy around the corner to the left just ion the stage. ===Russian Revolution=== Go towards the B blip on the radar. You get into the ware house and meet a guy form the old country. The northern one of the three has a big packing lot (darker street, looks like an alley on the map) to the east. If you don't know any more where that is, then look where the Algonquin bridge hits the land.

If you do not get him soon and you followed him for a while, three more bikes turn up. Drive careful, you don’t want it to blow up early. Go to the DR blip in the south and park in the arrow. He left a body armor on the east side of the block the club is in. The light blue will indicate on the right side of your radar how much is left of it. The door to the right of the bar is where Michael is fleeing through, Get as fast as you can over there. You are to meet him in a ware house and LJ will help you. Make your way forward and Dimitri and Bulgari escape. There is a set of three docks to the west a bit south of here. The guy dropped his car here and ran up the stairs.

===It's your call=== Reward: You get to Roman's business. Roman owes Vlad a lot of money and has a not so sunny way of life. After a bit, your wanted level drops and you can drop Jermaine off at the last location. He isn't paranoid, a guy shows up with an AK47 and takes Niko and Roman away. Worst case you have to hunt down all of them, but be quick as they will arrive at their location after a while and the mission fails. On the southwest corner of the next block to the south, on its south side, facing west is this one parked. ===Rancher=== Reward: 50 Located in Alderney in the Port Tudor area. Now from here to the east are two docks that have roads on them.Get into Roman's car, then drive to hardware store as the GPS indicates. Once you delivered him you get your first cell phone. After the short call, the loan sharks will arrive from the east, parking on the opposite side of the road in a white vehicle. ===Three's a crowd=== Roman is being hassled by two guys and Niko takes care of it. Take Roman's car and drive down to the station, park at the arrow. Once you got the right one, there is a guy with a gun. To the west of those docks are two buildings with roads around them. The Rebla is parked outside it, on the east side of the road, facing north.Please be patient, I am currently not answering mails due to the flood of mails and I want to complete the game too. Stand in the arrow next to the tracks and wait for the train to come in. You can skip to your destination quickly or enjoy some nice cinematic views of your journey. Walk over to the silver Blista and you see a guy polishing the hood. The plan is to kill Ivan and make it look like a botched robbery. Here you got to go to the crane, climb up on it and then run and jump to the next roof. On the west side are some fire stairs to get down from this roof. ===Jamaican Heat=== Reward: 0 Roman wants’ you to pick up Little Jacob. Jacob gives you a gun and talks a lot of stuff I really have no idea what exactly it is he is saying. Grab a car and drive to the internet cafe called [email protected] (read the @ as at and you, well you get the idea). Reply with a positive response to activate your email account. Outside get into the car and you call Roman to tell him you are done. It opens up to the west which is also the direction the car faces. One block east of the Cluckin Bell in Cerveza Heights.==The Story== This guide will help you through the story of Grand Theft Auto IV. You can stun punch him like the game says, or simply get into the car and drive off. Once it is clean, you get the lockup as a new destination, where you have to drop off this car. You got to repeat that a couple of times, until he falls of a walk way and clings with his fingers to it. On the lower roof there is a ladder on the south side you can go down to ground level. Get into a car, then drive over to the park gate where Little Jacob hangs out. But you get the idea he has some troubles and wants you to watch his back. Walk to the spot on the radar, up the stairs to your right and stand in the arrow. Some guys come up and want to teach Jacob a lesson. There are three on the ground, and once those are dead, another one will come out on the roof to your left. ===Concrete Jungle=== Reward: 0 I am relieved, Niko has about as much a clue what LJ says as I do. Inside walk to the counter and she tells you to use a terminal. You also get Brucie as a contact in your cell phone. Be careful there is a cop standing right next to it. Look for the circle in outlook, with the big arch on it. You will see an old burger shot there that is no longer open.The game has a lot of advancements over previous versions, mostly in helping you find your way and less running around in some situations. ===Hung out to dry=== Reward: 0 Another customer does not pay up. ===Clean Getaway=== Reward: 0 Vlad wants to go for a walk. When you are away from them around a few corners, stop and wait for Vlad’s call. Now you have two choices once you stand over him, stand on his hands and kill him or help him up. Collect their weapons and money (red glows for weapons and green for money) so you got some reserve for future battles. Now just drive around the block and after a bit Little Jacob calls you. Get into a car and drive to an apartment block in Willis. Now drive to the left into the alley and park in the next arrow. Inside go to the right hand wall and buy a micro SMG. Once he is dead you call Dimitri and report back in. Go north from it and you will see the Infernus parked on the east street side facing north, in front of a place that has a sign "Pizza Salad" on it. The Manana is parked on the south side of it facing west.

Keep an eye out at for what the game offers on advice as it will help you greatly to get into the game fast. Get a car and drive to your destination, the laundry mat. Chase him and you see him pull away in a van just when you exit the back door. Now you have to ram the guy a few times hard to get him to give up. Now get back into the car and take Little Jacob to the cafe. Three drug dealers come out of the building to your left and make a run for it. Good weapon for now and although it says 1200 cost, you get this one for free. Now head for the F blip in the north and step into the arrow. You can hit a button to pop out the window and then shoot at him, straight ahead of you. ===Intruder=== Reward: 50 Broker, Rotterdam Hill. Take the road that is south of the weapons shop and go west on it. The block it is in has an alley on the map that goes from east to the south. The street on Charge island in the northeast goes close to the water front.

Kill the one on the left first then the one on the right. You will spend most of your time with only driving to the lock up this way.

Just outside to your right, left and right of the corridor. You can skip trips in the cab and make it there in no time.

On the bottom left it indicates that a new person has been added, always watch for these as that means new opportunities. They are two guys that will come across the street and you will hear Niko say something to that end. You got to park on the eastern side of it, not drive into the shop. The southern of the two has the northeast corner missing. ===Rebla=== Reward: 550 Algonquin, The Triangle. From the clucking bell, go south and take the second road east. Across the corner to the northeast is the building of the Daily Globe.

Call Roman on the cell phone, the game will tell you what to press in what order to do so. Make sure you don't bump into the other guys and get distance between you so they lose you. Now you can customize your cell phone, different ringtones etc if you feel like it. By the time you arrive back there, Roman will send you an SMS. ===Sabre GT=== Reward: 50 Parked in a drive way facing north, in Dukes.

===Search and delete=== Reward: $ You meet Brucie again. There is one parked at the police station, north of the safe house on the western side. The computer finds him and then you can mark him on your map. You can see the symbol for it overlapping a building to the north on the map.