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And then I was thinking about how I was single and I went searching for 420 dating sites, but I couldn't find any real ones, so that's when I found the opportunity. There is a girl who wants to go on a date with me but she lives, like, 40 miles away and my car is so fucked up, like, I don't even know [].

I had the logo designed and after I had the site set up, I launched an ad campaign on Reddit. I just thought, And all my friends kept asking me as months and years went by, "How much money are you making? I do message back and forth with people a lot, but I've kind of given up on trying to meet people on my site. This guy who's been a super-huge fan of my site, his name is Larry, he's an old Vietnam vet and he met someone on the site and they're dating and they fuckin' really like each other.

Looking to meet and communicate with other physically attractive people who share your personality, interests, lifestyle, and values?

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There are many gay dating personal sites out there that combine a wide variety of functionality required that users might be looking at. Ok Cupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message. If you met a girl and she didn't smoke, would you still date her? (CBS SF) — A new online dating site is carving out yet another niche among those looking for love by singling out singles who share an affinity for smoking marijuana.Online dating is the new wave and it can be fun, but to make the most of it, you must include security as one of your priorities.

It's easy, simple and convenient to find a single senior online today.What are your ideas for a romantic evening on the town with your girlfriend or lover.Find love, friendship and casual relationships of lesbians using free dating services.Remember, the idea here is to find a girl that you like just as you are.If you have not tried online dating, then it's time to go and find your perfect partner.I was like, ] I have to get money to put this shit up. Your site says, "Traditional dating sites are great but a lot of the time people who like to smoke weed are rejected just because they smoke weed." Has that been your experience with online dating? I always try and get it out in the open, but I've heard stories of people going on first and second dates, and getting the rejection. If she was always getting mad, like, "You're always smoking weed!