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To remove ethical dilemmas, foreign men are portrayed as “inadequate”, greedy, and arrogant, with the implication that scamming them for money wouldn’t be such an awful thing morally.

Some translators agree to perform such work and “perpetrate the dream” for the benefit of the agency, earning commissions on payments by men.

Our agency can offer you a lot of services to make your communication with a Lady more resultative: - translation services - courses of English lessons with a personal teacher - gifts delivery - full visa support - meeting you in the nearest airport - apartment with all modern conviniences and other services.

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In reality, once a girl posed for photos and allowed the marriage agency operator to take copies of her documentation, she has no control over what happens to her pictures and credentials.

They could be sold to another operator, uploaded online to any site, used for many years, and she may never be able to see any money. Schools in Russia and Ukraine teach English for 6 years, as a part of the compulsory curriculum.

Translators have no guarantees of income either, and there are reports about substitutes who were working for months, but only got paid once or twice in the very beginning, after which they were told about problems with payments and made chat with foreigners for free, until they decided to stop working.