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Endo affects around one in ten women, but it is so often misdiagnosed.Women go on for an average of eight years with crippling pain not knowing they have the disease, which can have a detrimental effect on their lives. All these questions will be answered by Clinical Director of Relationships Australia NSW and counselling psychologist Elisabeth Shaw.

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We speak to cosplay pioneer Eve Beauregard and adult cosplay favourite Lucie Bee about what they get out of getting geared up in sexier costumes than most, cosplay and the sex industry, and we break down stereotypes around geeks and sex.Australia has one of the highest prescription rates of antidepressants in the world.Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackson are some of the biggest names in gay porn.They also happen to be in a serious long term relationship.Dr Melissa Kang (Dolly Doctor) drops by to chat about one of the most talked about STIs - herpes. Joining us on the podcast is leader of the Australian Sex Party and Victorian MP Fiona Patten, and psychologist Gemma Cribb.

We speak to Dr Ben Buchanan, a psychologist and body dysmorphia expert on what happens with this condition and how it effects your relationships and dating. Our guests for this podcast are BDSM dom and sex worker Miss Fleur, and sex therapist and relationships coach, Jacqueline Hellyer. We'll hear from a caller who is part of a swingers club with co-workers in the bank he works in, and a gay teacher who was treated incredibly unfairly.How do people in polyamorous relationships celebrate V-Day? We speak to Anne Hunter on what being poly at Valentine's Day is like.We also speak to Yvonne Allen about spending time with friends on Feb 14, PLUS find out what it's like for sex workers on one of their busiest times of the year (and what happens when a client falls in love with them).We chat about what it's like managing life and work, how sex is different on and off set and talk about some of their past.It's a little talked about sex act that brings straight men much pleasure.Rejection can be the biggest bummer of all the emotional states.