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It might sound simple enough, but things get a little hairy when you bill both time-based and service-based codes for a single patient visit—and therein lies the key to correctly applying this rule.

So first, let’s talk about the difference between time-based and service-based CPT codes.

Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded 8-Minute Rule (a.k.a. The 8-Minute Rule governs the process by which rehab therapists determine how many units they should bill to Medicare for the outpatient therapy services they provide on a particular date of service (extra emphasis on the word “Medicare” as this rule does not apply to other insurances unless they have specified that they follow Medicare billing guidelines).

To give a simple example, if you performed manual therapy for 15 minutes and ultrasound for 8 minutes, you could bill two direct time units.

However, when untimed codes come into play, things get a little more confusing.

If eight or more minutes are left over, you can bill for an additional unit.

But if seven or fewer minutes remain, Medicare will not reimburse you for another full unit, and you must essentially drop the remainder.

However, in this case, when adding up your direct time (time-based) codes, it equals 53 minutes.

If you divide 53 by 15, you get 3 with a remainder of 8, which means you can bill 4 units of time-based codes.Finish with a delicious pudding such as hot crumble, trifle or apple pie.With most buyer-seller transactions, calculating the cost of a product or service is fairly simple.But it is unlikely that this time would be enough to put you over the 8-minute threshold.) Thus, according to the 8-Minute Rule, the therapist in this scenario wouldn’t be able to bill any units for that particular treatment.If all this talk about quotients and remainders is triggering flashbacks to fifth-grade math—yikes, long division! Web PT automatically double-checks your work for you and alerts you if something doesn’t add up correctly.For example, let’s say that on a single date of service, you provide a patient with 30 minutes of therapeutic exercise, 15 minutes of manual therapy, 8 minutes of ultrasound, and 30 minutes of electrical stimulation (unattended).