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In fact studies show we have the attention span of a Goldfish, which is about 9 seconds.Our brains have been re-wired with the internet, texting, interruptions, phone calls, TV, our computer to only be able to focus for 9 seconds…imagine giving 90 seconds of your full attention and passion to someone that matters?This website has a positive reputation and thus it’s safe for browsing.

This year she celebrates International Networking Day in fine style by hosting a rock solid event at the Old Mill in Toronto. Love Inspired’s next Inspirational Social Event is on Saturday February 8th, at the Stirling Room, Toronto.Online ticket purchasing is now available at on the Events Page and go to the Valentine’s 2014 Event Ticket Price is: (Love Inspired members get off) Time: pm – 2am Location: Stirling Room, 55 Mill St #16, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4 Speaker will begin at pm Social Mixer and After Party to follow CARP-The Canadian Association of Retired Professionals is hosting an event, called Work Re-Imagined, there will be speakers, thinkers, media, exhibitors, networking, connecting, learning and much more…and attend this fantastic event…I am proud to be one of the speakers as I will share my Keynote on life and Business Success, called, “How I got to Kiss the Stanley Cup-the 8 keys to life and business success” Here is the link to register… Weinberg-Project Beam On Project Beam On is a creation upon the heartfelt journey into the soul of Rose A. Rose kept looking at her mother and all she could think of was, “Cancer is bad!” and, “No matter what I would do, I can’t change the results.What if you collaborated with really cool people for the next while and teamed up, pooling your ideas, contacts and yes even your dollars together to make things work? What if your team had set duties and tasks to work on and everyone contributed.

Every one took care of their end of the hockey rink to the very best of their abilities, flawlessly? You know, personally, my business hasn’t been going quite the way I want it too.There will be over 100 new business start-ups show casing their goods and services, plus there are coaching cafe’s, tax clinics and much more to help you get started in your venture or just get a little help.For more info, click on this If you live in Brock Township (North of Durham Region) in Beaverton, Sunderland area, you might want to take part in a special group of women who are making a difference.Better yet, what if you had passion in your relationships, be it the romantic ones, to business, to friendships and especially with your kids, do you think if you played full out and brought passion to each person you know, that that would make your relationships 10 times better?Coach, speaker and author Jim Fannin, suggests when you meet someone or you come home from work to see your kids or spouse, that you give them your full undivided attention for 90 seconds, he calls it the 90 Second Rule.Try it…Imagine if you were tenacious and disciplined in your work, that you set goals and objectives and you totally went for it? What if instead of being attached to your outcomes you were committed? What if you just played full on, with tenacity and discipline, that you blocked time to do the things that would help you achieve your goals and dreams for your business.