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If they're up for the challenge, expats can find many career breaks in the Netherlands, from finding a job with one of many international companies to starting a business.

The Dutch government is constantly finding new ways to attract highly skilled migrants and entrepreneurs via schemes such as the 30% tax ruling and the startup visa residence permit.

Dutch parenting is often summed up in the "three Rs" mantra: (rest, cleanliness and regularity), which seems to give Dutch kids a good start in life, and may explain why Unicef ranked them in a 2013 survey as having the highest rate of well-being in the world.

Whether it’s a big canal-based event (like Amsterdam's Grachenfestival or Gay Pride) or just a sunny afternoon with friends, Dutch summer social life often revolves around boats and boating.

The Netherlands’ reputation as a nation of straight-talkers can be a rude shock when you first arrive.

There’s something special in the open way Dutch people listen to you when you talk about yourself. This can be extremely refreshing for expats coming from more judgemental societies.

Self-deprecation and belittling oneself are uncommon. You can experience this accepting attitude at work or when you’re networking. NS trains, though sometimes late, are frequent and modern, and many other forms of Dutch infrastructure are reliable.

The government also helps small businesses to grow by simplifying bureaucracy, offering tax breaks and continuously updating government policies.

After all, this is a nation that transformed itself over the centuries from a tidal lowland of farmers, sailors and merchants into a financial centre, design hotspot and startup capital.This constant evolution can be annoying, especially when your favourite club closes, but it means there’s always space for experimentation and something new. Last but certainly not least, the Dutch themselves make the Netherlands a pretty special place to live.Sure it takes a while to connect with locals when you first arrive, and Dutch people certainly don’t fall over each other to be your friend.If you don't want to visit a friend because it's pouring with rain, just say so!Lying through your teeth with a feeble excuse will not win you any favours, and can come across as false or insincere.If you live in the Netherlands for a few years you will start to notice the constant renewal and development that is always going on.