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Options investing for these active users come with an attractively low .95 75¢ per contract. Questrade offers the cheapest trades in all of Canada.And the process of enrolling into this alternative program simply involves subscribing to one of Questrade’s several advanced market data plans. Their price point is so impressive that it actually encourages new and/or small investors to jump in and take part in the investment game while also enticing disgruntled active traders of other brokerage firms to transfer in (they will pay your transfer out fee charges imposed by other financial institutions).

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Their fees have not changed since their inception (almost 20 years)!So there is no concern that this impressive pricing structure will go up. Active traders (or anyone at anytime) have the alternative option of 1¢ per share (1¢ minimum / .95 maximum), or a .95 flat stock commission charge — ideal for high volume share trades.As for IPOs (Initial Public Offering), we will also be discussing this in extensive detail under its own section later on.For those not familiar with IPOs, these are simply the first sale of new issues by a private company to the public.Rebalancing of portfolios just got a whole lot more convenient because of this.

Recall that rebalancing is simply a realignment of the weightings of a portfolio of assets.

It’s interesting to note that they routinely garner top spot honours on Globe and Mail and Money Sense Magazine annual rankings and as such, as you continue to read further you’ll hopefully get a better sense as to why that is. Most times I will take the buy-and-hold approach as my tried-and-true investment style.

In the rest of this review I will explore Questrade and their collective offerings in terms of the good and the bad. And so when I buy into a company I do so for the long-term.

Questrade has emerged as the online brokerage leader in Canada by catering superbly to all mainstream investors.

They have the lowest commissions in Canada through a democratic pricing structure, alongside excellent research tools and solid trading platforms.

And so by making use of the ability to buy ETFs for free you would periodically buy more assets into your portfolio to maintain its original desired level of asset allocation.